Project Design and Build by T Class Builders

Project Design and Build forms the beating heart of any viable construction project in and around Cambridge. After all, without extensive planning and design, how can you bring your ideal property to life? That’s where we, at T Class Builders, enter the picture.

Building Project Design & Planning Cambridge

Planning and preparation, as we always say, is essential to any build with both longevity and quality. We are more than happy to take on the task of project design and build in your stead. Opting for one singular contractor to handle both trades of your future build has many benefits, most importantly the fact that our Infinite team can offer one unified flow of work – from concept to completion, you work with one team you can trust. We integrate the roles of designer and constructor: saving you the money, hassle and stress that comes with several different entities and contracts.

Do you live within the areas of Cambridge? Our project design and build services are ready for you. If you trust in nothing else, trust in this – around the world, complete design and build developers deliver on construction projects with a 100% success rate: our results are superior, no matter the build you have in mind.

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Visualising your future property with ease

Enjoy our ‘turnkey solutions’ to the perfect property for you. We visualise your future space with architectural drawings, plans and – in certain cases – the use of 3D software. Whether you desire bespoke fitments or specific construction expertise – say, in first fix or second fix joinery – we are more than happy to provide these services as part of our comprehensive project design and build package.

For more information as to all that we can do for you, why wait to get in touch? Our mobile and email are freely available for any and all clientele!

  • Single-Storey

  • Second-Storey

  • Double-Storey

What do our customers say?

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